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>> 01.Injection moulding

Dongri Electric has automatic first-class mold center, has 20 sets of metal stamping machines and 10 sets of injection molding machine, with our rich experience, injection molding precision can be controlled at 0.02mm/100mm.

>> 02.SMT & DIP

Company has four full automatic SMT, high-speed SMT production lines, plug-in production line, patch Nissan can achieve 4 million points, plug-in Nissan can reached 1 million points.and developed a strict quality control procedures: incoming inspection; printing, dispensing, SMT, reflow welding, IPQC.

>> 03.Assembling

Dongri electrical has four semi automatic assembly line, in order to improve the controllability of quality, overcome the human factors of instability caused by the dispersion of the product quality and stability, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

>> 04.FG testing

Each quality control point we have formulated the strict inspection procedures and inspection methods, including high pressure testing, aging test, constant temperature and humidity test, drop test, power test etc., and only after passing the inspection of finished products to allow for the packaging of products.

>> 05.Packaging

Each batch of products must be individually labeled in the packaging bag, if there is leakage stickers, not giving in. Avoid mixing, misplacing phenomenon, and make the product storage record.