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OEM/ODM of manicure smart solar lamp

release date:2017-11-11

A double - light solar lamp can bake UV phototherapy adhesive, prolong glue, LED nail oil glue!  OEM/ODM

1. Advanced design is portable and portable
Sunone is designed by Italian designers in terms of ergonomic design, small and portable, with high quality space. It is convenient for both nail shops and door-to-door manicurists.
2. First white eye protection
At present, all nail machine technology is purple light source, working in the ultraviolet environment can harm the eyes and health, if accidentally with the naked eye, can feel the sting and the illusion! Sun one is the first white and white healthy light, the light is very comfortable and downy, no longer hurts the eye!
Three. UVLED pure light bead
The application of UVLED lamp beads has not been popularized. This advantage solves the problem of no longer using CCFL and UV lamp tube. Mercury lamp is poisonous and harmful to the environment. The UVLED is very long and the quality is stable.
Four. Temperature adjustment is not afraid of hot stamping
Sun one another proud function is 2/1 power key, 48 w can be instantaneous adjustment for 24 w, if some bad glue formula can cause thermal nail this function is the most thoughtful, don't have to worry about the customer will say hot.
Five. Super power five seconds fast
The 48W foot power, simple nail oil glue 5 seconds to do the work, save time efficiency is the nail shop and the manicure lover value most.
Six. The space is supersized and the glue is uniform
The interior design space is more than half the size of the diamond lamp, and 30 imported UVLED beads are imported evenly. The thumbs are not dead. CCFL is a combination of mosquito - coil lamp and LED, with uneven layout and small space.
Seven. Easy to remove the bottom plate
The bottom has magnetic metal bottom plate, the adsorption is strong and easy to take down, according to the hands and feet are very convenient.
Eight. Infrared induction three time
With smart infrared sensor + 3 timing 5S, 30S and 60S, easy operation to meet the needs of all kinds of glue and manicurist.
9. Quality assurance of intelligent fan
Cpu-level cooling fan, automatically start to heat up when working, make the lamp life longer!
Ten. One of the shops
Life is 50,000 hours, at least three years is not a problem, the warranty is reimbursed for one year. Consumers don't have to worry about quality.

Sun one, a truly manicure machine

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