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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of LED phototherapy lamp and UV light therapy lamp

release date:2017-11-14

,Do phototherapy and UV polish with phototherapy lamp to illuminate drying is an essential step, phototherapy lamps for many years we are the UV lamp is given priority to, see more on its market and the price is low, many hundreds of yuan less dozens of yuan. The LED light is a professional nail matching device that has been emerging in recent years. The high price and good quality LED light therapy lamp are now at the market price of 1000 yuan, and some brands even reach 2,000 yuan. What's the difference between LED and UV lights? Why is LED light so expensive? Sandy, who has years of experience, will give you the following instructions:

For LED and UV lamps, LED lights are also what we call cold light. Because of the high cost, many nail shops are discouraged. But its outstanding merits are worth a try. We had two more, and the guests felt that it was a high-tech project. A summary of its understanding of it and sharing it:
1) save electricity. A dozen watts is really too economical for a few dozen watts of UV light a day. A year's electricity bill, buy a few desk lamp.
2) need not change the lamp tube, the UV lamp tube aging, has been the store a small problem. Half-dead pan purple light, change, cost money, just change not long. Do not change, anxious, phototherapy glue inexplicably not to do, waste time not to say, the guest over, we have no credibility. The life of the LED is 10 years in theory, the bulb of the lamp is wrapped in epoxy polyester, it is not artificial to destroy, fall on the ground also can break the shell of the lamp.
3) different wavelength, no need to worry about the dark skin, long cancer spot, with ease.
Time is money, as everyone knows. LED 30 seconds or even 10 seconds of lighting time and 3 minutes of UV are really not a starting line. We can quickly take advantage of the dry phototherapy resin, so that we can't ignore its existence.

5) environmental protection, the treatment of discarded bulbs, has always been a concern. Just as there will be no more file strips thrown away by the polishing machine, we won't have to worry about the cost of the UV lamp, the expense, the place, the time, the thought, the biggest environmental protection. All good premises, of course, are LED in phototherapy.
In a word, the advantages of LED lights are many. More money, is to acquire a project, and a glue matching, is worth a try!Nail lamp

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