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NAIL LAMP Product evaluation: LED phototherapy lamp and UV light therapy nail lamp big PK

The phototherapy lamp is also known as the nail light therapy lamp, which is used for curing the drying of the gel or gel in the process. According to different lighting operation principle, divided into LED lights and UV lamps. So, what's the difference between LED phototherapy and UV light? Which one is better? Today, we have solved the mystery.

release date:2017-11-18

1. It's safer than anyone
The average UV lamp has a wavelength of 365mm and belongs to UVA. UVA is also known as an aging ray. A small amount of UVA can cause great damage to the skin. Long-term exposure to UVA can also cause damage to the eyes, and the damage can be cumulative and irreversible. So some of the sisters will find that the number of phototherapy goes black and dry! LED light is visible light, wavelength 400mm- 500mm, like ordinary lighting light, no harm to human skin and eyes. Therefore, from the perspective of security, LED light therapy lamp is better than UV lamp to protect skin and eyes.
2. Ratio of gelation speed
Since LED light has longer wavelength than UV light, it usually takes about 30 seconds to dry a gel LED lamp, while the normal UV lamp takes 3 minutes to dry.
3. More comfortable than anyone else
The lamp tube of ordinary UV lamp produces very high heat when shine, general temperature is in 50-70 degrees, accidentally touch words very easy to burn. And LED is cold light source, do not have the burning feeling of uv lamp, even if use hand to touch the lamp tube also won't feel hot. In particular, for nail lovers who are already thinner, LED lights can be less painful than UV lamps.
4. More versatile than anyone
UV light can be used to dry all brands of light therapy glue and nail oil glue, but LED can do all of the nail oil glue but not can do the dry phototherapy glue oh, so from the totipotency, UV lamp is a notch above!
Who is more economical?
At present, the price of UV light therapy lamp and led phototherapy lamp are different, and the price of led light is higher, so can the UV light be determined to save money? In fact, the LED light therapy lamp is environmentally friendly in the long run and does not need to replace the lamp tube in a regular way, so Amy calculates an account for everyone to see who can save money!
A, ordinary 36W
Price (80 yuan) each + lamp 160 yuan (generally change two times a year, each tube is 5 yuan, 40 yuan a year, four years 160 yuan) + five years in charge RMB 324 (according to 10 hours a day, that 5 years using 18000 hours, 36 w, a total of 648 KWH, electricity calculate by 0.5 yuan/degree) = 564

Price (280 yuan) each + tubes 0 yuan (basic without replacement lamp bead) + five years in charge 22.5 yuan (according to 10 hours a day, that 5 years using 18000 hours, 2.5 W, a total of 45 degrees of electricity, electricity calculate by 0.5 yuan/degree) = 302.5
Who is more economical and clear? And the material of led lamp can be recycled and compare environmental protection, whether from the economic benefit of which respect or the led lamp is better!