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Drying nail lamp dedicated for phototherapy glue in nail making process

release date:2017-11-18

Drying nail lamp dedicated for phototherapy glue in nail making process.

Nail lamp, also called Nail Therapy phototherapy lamp. It is specially used in the nail surgery process of phototherapy gel drying, more for nail salon. Some Manicure process will put the nail wipe a layer of Manicure phototherapy glue, like nail polish, but the ratio of nail polish or easy to fall off, generally maintained for more than a month, the price is expensive than the nail polish, usually used in professional Manicure shop, because the use of Manicure phototherapy glue must be used Manicure lamp, is Manicure phototherapy Manicure lamp, lamp has two kinds: one is the ultraviolet lamp, a lamp is LED, the peak wavelength of =370nm ultraviolet light (wavelength is visible to the eye, but do not recommend harmless, long-term look, but can have a drying tube) sterilization effect is good, there are four tubes a Manicure lamp. A 9W, every 6 months to replace the lamp regularly, must pay attention to the eyes do not open UV lamp - produced in accordance with the manual or UV instructions, do not use light gel or shorten the use of overtime, to maintain the best effect.

Nails, phototherapy light, curing phototherapy gel gel dedicated hands and feet are available, there are many kinds of nail polish on the market, and some fans and nail lamp integration, faster drying. Manicure light compared to other manufacturers, service life is long, the housing quality is better, because Manicure lamp is the use of electronic ballast, light weight advantages of this Manicure is easy to carry, low voltage can be started, but the drawback is that life is short, not safety. The nail lamp is made of inductive ballast, which can prolong the service life of the lamp,

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