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Nail electric polishing machine wholesale customization of the product process

Specialized in OEM, ODM, professional planning, service OEM (OEM, ODM) customers. Now r&d center has a senior design strength and a strong technical team, as well as a wide range of design cooperation platform to provide clients with nail polishing machine, grinding machine, nail nail kerotherapy machine and more, and more products.

release date:2017-11-22

>> 01. Injection molding

East day electric has the automatic first-rate die center, with 20 metal presses and 10 injection molding machines, with our rich experience, injection molding precision can be controlled at 0.02mm / 100mm.
> > 02, SMT and DIP
Company has four automatic SMT, high-speed SMT production lines, plug-in line, patch, nissan 4 million points can be realized, plug-in nissan up to 1 million points, and developed a strict quality control procedures, incoming goods inspection. Printing, glue, SMT, reflow soldering, IPQC.
> > 3. The assembly
East electric has four semi-automatic assembly line, in order to improve the quality control, to overcome the instability of artificial factors caused the product quality and stability of the dispersion, reduce the labor intensity, improve production efficiency.
> > 4. FG test
Every quality control points, we formulated the strict inspection procedures and inspection methods, including high pressure test, aging test, constant temperature and humidity test, drop test, power test, etc., and only after through the inspection, are allowed to packaging products. .
Pack > > 05.

Each batch of products must be labeled individually in the package, such as leaky stickers, not to be put in. Avoid mixing, misplacement, and store records.