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Nail lamp DR6360 function instructions

nail lamp, the base of high-strength aluminum alloy as the base material die-casting products from the end with the boss sitting on the baked LED lamp beads layout design.

release date:2017-12-11

1:nail lamp timing control using microcontroller program control, built-in oscillator circuit module, error 2%

2: nail lamp Two large-screen digital display, four sets of time settings (15S-30S-45S-60S).
3: nail lamp The panel adopts touch mode system, built-in touch integrated circuit, voltage regulator circuit, anti-shake circuit, effectively prevent external interference, high sensitivity, easy to operate.
4:nail lamp LED drive mode Overvoltage and overcurrent protection, constant current output mode, thus shunt the current in the circuit, so that the LED work in a constant current state, so as to avoid the LED due to instantaneous high voltage damage.

5: fixed-point sensing device, the hand must be placed in the designated area of the induction will be activated, in order to achieve the maximum effect of light-emitting beads and nail nails. 6: high-strength aluminum alloy as the base material die-casting products, the maximum benefit Exhaust lamp beads produce heat Surface imitation of heavy metal surface design and treatment, to give the public a safe atmosphere visual sense

7: The control panel made of imported hardened plexiglass cast, increase the product's texture: simple and elegant handle design, convenient and practical.
8: The base is made of high-strength aluminum alloy as the base material of the product. The base is equipped with the LED lamp bead layout design for the big finger baking.