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36W nail light use method

release date:2017-12-28

36W nail light use method:
1. On the power outlet, turn the O / I switch to I position.
2 hand or foot into the body, according to your request to set the time, from 30 seconds -180 seconds
3. When the time is up, the UV lamp will turn off automatically.
4. When replacing the interior of the lamp and wash light, pull the bottom out.

5. The bottom plate can be pulled out.

Nail Phototherapy Lamp Curing Phototherapy Gel lamp can be used both hands and feet, 

there are many kinds of nail lamps on the market, and some fan and nail lamp integration, more rapid drying. 

Compared to other manufacturers of nail lights, the longer life expectancy, shell quality is better, 

because the general nail light is the use of electronic ballasts, the advantages of this nail light weight is easy to carry,

 low voltage can be activated, but The disadvantage is the short service life, unsafe. 

Nail lamps are inductive ballast production, it can extend the life of the lamp.